Ninite – one stop download of essential software

I’ve just used Ninite to download and install a bundle of software for my laptop, and it is great! The Ninite site lets you choose a list of very useful tools and applications, and then gives you one installer to run to install them all.

I already had quite a few of the applications installed – browsers, Skype, Spotify, AVG, Dropbox, but tried it out when I was installing CCleaner. I also bundled in SumatraPDF and Evernote.


Sure enough, as promised, a single installer package was created which installed all of these with no further interaction required. I do a little ad hoc tech support for friends and family and this is brilliant for a number of reasons:

1. There is now one place to send people to download the tools that they need. No more trying to navigate the free vs paid vs demo vs pro options on each site.

2. Ninite automatically chooses not to install “toolbars and other junk”. So often I use someone else’s computer and find that the useable browser area is half what it should be, because of all the toolbars they they never use and don’t understand where they came from.

3. It has already introduced me to some applications that I will now try out, reassured by the fact that they are provided by Ninite and likely to be worth looking at.

This is going to make setting up a new PC so painless – it’s almost a good enough excuse to buy a new one!

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