Nokia CEO Stephen Elop rallies troops in brutally honest ‘burning platform’ memo

I have learned that we are standing on a burning platform.
And, we have more than one explosion – we have multiple points of scorching heat that are fuelling a blazing fire around us.
For example, there is intense heat coming from our competitors, more rapidly than we ever expected. Apple disrupted the market by redefining the smartphone and attracting developers to a closed, but very powerful ecosystem.”



The burning platform analogy was explained to me recently in the context of inspiring change, and Stephen Elop has put it to good use.

Things made by people I know

A few friends have been busy launching new businesses over the last few weeks, and some others have new sites or existing bits and bobs that you might be interested in at this time of year, so here is one post, plugging them all. Note – I’m not on commission for any of them!

Grow your own cows



Written by Reb Williams, and illustrated by Maria Smedstad

When Reb Williams’s ad exec dad had a mid-life crisis, he didn’t get a Ferrari. He got green. Before Fearnley-Whittingstall let his chickens run free, even before Tom and Barbara were on the telly, the Williams family gave up the rat race and moved out to the country to live the Good Life. Only they weren’t very good at it… This hilarious account of growing up with eco-freak parents was first published in the Guardian’s ‘Experience’ column. Now you can read the full story, hairy udders and all.

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Revival Retro stocks a range of vintage style clothing. It’s new, not second hand, it comes in a range of sizes and is high quality production and design. You can dance in it, party and generally enjoy wearing these garments time and time again.

The website now includes a shop, and ships worldwide (except the US), so this is not just for London people. Every friend you have who defines their own dress style and doesn’t follow the high street, all you swing dancers who go to international camps – dancers from other cities perhaps don’t have local access to this kind of stuff, every friend who might not have a clue what to buy their partner for Christmas…

Check out the Revival shop


Bespoke, contemporary and rustic handmade furniture.
Clean and honest designs that showcase the integrity of the materials to create truly tactile products from sustainable sources that seamlessly marry established design principles with modern lifestyle demands.


Panga designs available online here

Moonhorse books

Moon Horse is an online bookstore specialising in lesbian interest titles, both printed and ebooks. It has a huge range of books at competitive prices.

Moonhorse books online bookshop

Anything else?

Have I missed anyone? Any friends out there thinking harrumph, why is she not plugging my stuff? Let me know.

Scott Adams Blog – The Less Feature

One of my local movie theaters just added the option of special seats that move in sync with the action on screen. Now every time I want to see a movie with friends, I need to poll everyone to see what sort of seat they want. Worse yet, another nearby theater offers dinner with movies. It won’t be long before planning a movie will take more ti me than the movie itself.


Let me say it again: World, I’ll pay extra if you will please give me less.


I do find myself paralyzed by indecision sometimes, and resort to telling myself to do the thing I first thought of. That usually works out just fine. I’m trying to plan a holiday at the moment, and can’t decide between the 6 equally excellent but utterly different options I have thought of. If I leave it another week, I’ll have thought of 6 more. I can still remember the original holiday plan, so it’s probably time to listen to my own advice and go back to what I first thought of.