NASA multiplayer game plans

Sometimes an organisation comes into the education market with so much money, or prestige, or resources that it holds the promise of being able to do what everyone else has been aspiring to.The BBC came close to this with Jam – they had riches beyond the wildest dreams of any other content creator and you had to assume that something fabulous was going to result. It was all derailed, however, well before it could deliver and it is still not clear whether the planned output would really have been the step change that was promised.I’ve just seen that NASA have put out a request for information for a massively multiplayer online learning game:

“A NASA-based MMO built on a game engine that includes powerful physics capabilities could support accurate in-game experimentation and research. It should simulate real NASA engineering and science missions in a medium that is comfortable and familiar to the majority of students in the United States today.”

I’m going to choose to avoid any jokes about inches and centimetres, and instead just hope that this is one of those situations where the implementation lives up to the potential.

 Links: NASA RFI