The Case Against Drop-down Identities | Smarterware

It's complicated, on Google Profiles

The screenshot above is Google Profiles’ Relationship field drop-down of possible responses. For me, relationship status is a minefield of potential misunderstanding, because if I select “married,” people often assume I’m heterosexually married. If I could answer this question in an open text field, I’d fill in “gay-married.” That’s how I want to characterize and specify my relationship status, not the overly cutesy and vague “it’s complicated,” or the doesn’t-give-us-enough-credit-for-all-the-crap-we-went-through-to-get-legally-married “In a relationship.”

One of the most interesting things about this post is the comments! It’s amazing how many people think they can tell someone else what they *should* use for their relationship status.

I am in a civil partnership, and choose that as my relationship status when the option is there. When it’s not there, I complain, and then choose married. I’m not married though – the UK government made it clear when they wrote the law. So for me it’s a political act to keep highlighting the differences, but if that option is not there then I’ll use “Married” to highlight the similarities.