App recommendation: Glympse – Share Your Where

I’ve been using Glympse on the iPhone for a few weeks now, and although it sounds a little creepy, I’ve found it very helpful.

What it does
Sending a Glympse to someone allows them to track your location on a map for however long you give them access.
I used it when I was driving for a few hours to meet up with someone, and I wasn’t sure how long the journey would take. I sent them a Glympse, and at every stage of the journey they could see my progress and could judge when to expect me.
I’ve also used it when I was heading home from the shops and wanted help unloading the car when I got there!
Glympe will make your location available for up to 4 hours, then stops, so you don’t have to remember to stop sharing your location with someone once they don’t need to know it again.

Free on iPhone.